Raw Cut AUTHENTIC African Mud-cloth Fabric

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DIMENSIONS: approx. 3.5 ‘ x 5’ / 42″ x 60″


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Raw Cut AUTHENTIC African Mud-cloth Fabric

This is an AUTHENTIC FABRIC. Handmade and handpicked from the local artisan markets in Mali West Africa.

Works perfectly for wall tapestries. Fabric can be used to make approx. 4-5 pillows, table runners, decorative bed ends and much more.

Because these curated mud-cloths are handmade, there are slight imperfections and print design variations.

MATERIALS: Organic cotton, fermented mud, fermented vegetable dye

BOGOLAN CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Please Note: This bogolan fabric will be delivered to you untreated. Simply put, it has not been pre-washed. It is in the original condition as created by Malian artisans.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an Indigo print. Please be careful as color may transfer easily on fingers and clothes. Our suggestion is to pre-wash this fabric before any use.

* Mudcloth should be pre-washed if it is to be used in crafts or sewing to remove excess dirt and dye.
* If used as a wall tapestry, it is ready to hang.
* Machine wash: place the fabric in a lingerie bag and wash in cold water using the gentle cycle and a mild laundry detergent.
*Hand wash: use chemical-free soap (such as Castile Soap) and cold water. Submerge fabric, gently stirring, let it sit for about 5 mins. Remove fabric and gently ring out excess water.
* Hang dry or lay flat
*Iron back of fabric if needed.

DIMENSIONS: approx. 3.5 ‘ x 5’ / 42″ x 60″